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leilani’s andy.

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cara’s andy.


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the first saturday with lei (1 of 1)

cara’s rosie.


I met Leilani because of love. A mutual flickr contact pointed out that we’d taken photos in the same location. And I realized that I had a new flickr contact right in my backyard. We arranged to meet and became fast friends via photo outings. Leilani is just one of the most loving, positive, warm people I know, with a zest for life and such an amazing energy. And to top it all of, a very skilled photographer with an impressive instinctual feel for what will look good.  We had so many adventures and the friendship grew from there. When I moved away from Lawrence, I knew it was very important to me to stay in touch. And then a little blog called Mortal Muses pushed me to begin a collaborative photo blog with Leilani. I decided we could “share” our Saturdays, and that is what this blog is.

Like I said, I met Leilani because of love. And our friendship has been nothing but.

I have many friends who love photography, but I’ve never met anyone with the drive and passion for photography that Cara Rose embodies. Our initial connection on Flickr has grown into a friendship based around the love of this fine art. We’ve never spent time together without our cameras (she normally carries at least 3) and not a conversation has passed without the mention of photography. Cara’s film work is amazing. Follow her personal blog here. Now that she has moved to New York, I’m thrilled to have this weekly connection on film with her…and when she becomes a famous photographer, I’ll be able to say she is a dear friend.